Diversity & Inclusion Training


Best DEI workshop I’ve had in my career yet. Really appreciate the ability that you have to engage us in raw and honest conversation. 

 I was surprised by how much I learned about my coworkers and how we are all willing to learn and grow. 


You were an excellent speaker!  The time flew by, and you kept us all engaged the entire time.  You provided great insight along with challenging us to continue to grow. I would highly recommend you to other organizations.  Thank you!! 

 This was extremely valuable!  Working in a very small business, I have never had training on this and I learned a great deal.  I think this will be excellent for the staff and mangers of the agency!

 I appreciate the information and knowledge that was given. The presentation was very eye-opening, and I learned about myself – some things that I need to work on that I didn’t realize. Thank you SO much!!

I actually really enjoyed this, thank you Paula. It was very easy to listen to, was not exclusive at all and did not ostracize any group. 10/10 stars, thank you! =) 

Another seat at the table

What does diversity and inclusion training mean?  

It means  you want to create a workplace where everyone feels welcome to bring their entire selves to work every day.
Regardless of …

Race or ethnicity

Gender or sexuality.

Age or ability.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Training?

There are many reasons why this is such a critical conversation to companies, small and large, to have right now. Three important reasons are:

1) History has forever changed. 

Protests and rallies were not a flash in the pan, something was demonstrably different this time. Society, workplaces and employees are demanding these programs from companies.

2) It is the right thing to do.

Quite frankly, many of us are late arrivals on this issue, but we have the opportunity to do the right thing and catch up to the morally right position. That’s not a controversial statement. It is simply true.

3) Our Diversity and Inclusion program is unique.

This is not about asking people to change their core beliefs. Instead, the conversation of diversity & inclusion is about holding space for difficult-but-necessary conversations.

Diversity and Inclusion means allowing others to have a seat at the table!